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13 JUNE 2011 …

SIX Years ago –  a day that will live in celebration when the FIRST book about FORT MYER was published. The release of “Images of America – Fort Myer” was and is a groundbreaking achievement in documenting US Army history. As one of the original defenses of Washington during the Civil War when it was known as Fort Whipple, the installation is still on the mission of defending the Capital City of Washington DC. Carved from the 1,100 acres of the Custis-Lee estate, the post shares a common wall with Arlington National Cemetery – the shrine to the country’s military and their

Images of America Fort Myer, home of the Chief

Images of America
– Fort Myer

service and sacrifices.

A Historic Post of Distinctive Innovation

The book chronicles the first one hundred years of this historic US Army post that has been the center of innovation while also a showcase for the cavalry (some 1,500 horses once were stationed among the acres), home to the Buffalo Soldiers (both the 9th and 10th Cavalry were garrisoned on post). Among other notable innovations and milestones include:

  • Origins of military aviation
  • Long distance telephone service
  • Trans-oceanic & continental radio communication (the Three Sisters)
  • National Weather Service established
  • Location of acceptance and approval for the remarkable vehicle known as the “JEEP”

Current Garrison

Currently, the post is home to the US Army’s top two ceremonial units – The US Army Band – “Pershing’s Own” and the oldest infantry unit – 3d Infantry – “The Old Guard”.  Their missions include ceremonial support for Arlington National Cemetery, which is adjacent to Fort Myer. And since 06 APR 1948, when the Regiment was re-activated,  it has provided sentinels to guard “The Tomb of the Unknown”

About the Book “Images of America – Fort Myer”

The book contains over 200 historical photographs, maps, and illustrations complemented by a rare first found/published note from Abraham Lincoln which is all augmented with descriptive text.



The price of the book is $21.99 (plus tax if you live in Virginia)

In celebration of that anniversary, was for one week only (07-JUN-2017 until 13-JUN-2017) an author autographed copy may be obtained with FREE SHIPPING!  IT’S OVER !!!

HOWEVER, You can still get an author autographed copy of the book and pay the nominal Shipping & Handling charge.

To Whom:


Also by John Michael

In 2015 again he brought to the world another book chronicling the history of the 3d oldest US Army post in the  United States –  “Images of America – Fort Lesley J. McNair” where the Lincoln assassination conspirators were incarcerated, tried and hanged.  It’s also been home to the Army Corps of Engineers, The US Army Band, Alpha Company of the 3d Infantry Regiment – “the Old Guard”.

Currently the headquarters of the Military District of Washington, home to the Center of Military

Images of America Fort Lesley J. McNair

Images of America
Fort Lesley J. McNair

History and the National Defense University and several of its colleges including the National War College at the iconic Roosevelt Hall.


Hail From the Chief

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Reactions Are Important – Chief Ones Are VERY Important!

A creative work whether it be a photo, a painting, a sculpture or in this case a book -hangs in the balance of whether someone likes it or not.  Getting a chief response, is unexpected! Each time it’s put out there, there is a resulting response of like or not like.

When I began the work to produce what has now become the FIRST book ever about Fort Myer,  I wanted it to be the best.  After many months of extensive research, field trips to libraries, history offices, The Library of Congress, the National Archives in College Park, MD and more, the pile of “stuff”  appeared intimidating.  How to mold it into something that people would read.   AND like.   I had learned that it was more than a US Army Post that was named after General Albert J Myer.   More than the home of the US Army Band (TUSAB) – “Pershing’s Own”  more than the home of the 3d Infantry Regiment  – “The Old Guard”    It was history that needed to be chronicled and told to the public.

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