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Images of America - Fort Myer

Images of America
Fort Myer

It’s coming… the kindle version …  the book “Images of America – Fort Myer” is in the queue to be converted and released in  the Kindle
version.   Arcadia Publishing has sent an alert that it will be available soon.   Watch this space for an announcement of its availability.  Historic Fort Myer began in 1863 as Fort Whipple, one of the nearly 70 forts that formed the Defenses of Washington.  Since the 1940s, it’s been the home of The US Army Band “Pershing’s Own” and the 3d Infantry Regiment, “The Old Guard”  (named by General Winfield Scott).

For those of you who still prefer a paper copy – especially if you would like an autographed copy –  it’s time to head to  BUY THE BOOK and select your choice.

In either case, you’ll be presented with over 200 timeless photographs complemented by interpretive text that will capsule the first one hundred years of this US Army Post –  1860s to 1960s.   It is the only remaining fort from the Civil War era that is still “ON POINT” – it’s also where the famed Buffalo Soldiers – the 9th and 10th Cavalry had squadrons posted twice.   And forgotten ways of transportation – the trolley lines – one which began as a horsecar that came out of Rosslyn , Virginia and ultimately electrified was extended to Nauck area of Arlington County, Virginia.

So whatever version you choose, the kindle version or the regular paper book, you’ll be getting an excellent book that presents such historic events such as: the first military aviation flight, the showcase for the US Cavalry, the little known “Society Circus” – begun during Patton’s second of four postings to  Fort Myer, impressive photos of  the South Post of Fort Myer,  the “Fort Myer and Arlington National Cemetery” connection and most of all the first time published note from Abraham Lincoln which was discovered during the research for the book.


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It’s here…

The book -

After months of anticipation, the book “Images of America – Fort Myer” is in the market.   Thank all of you who pre-ordered the AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book.   Your author autographed book ships TODAY!

NOTE: You can still get an author autographed copy of the book… and it’ll ship immediately!  Just go to  “BUY THE BOOK”  and click on the link.


Fort Whipple Virginia

In A typical civil war fortification entrance reading books like “The Civil War” by Buce Catton, one would never know about the Defenses of Washington.  Missing from that work are the names of General John Gross Barnard,  General Amiel Weeks Whipple and many more who contributed to defending the US Capital.

It was after the first battle of Bull Run or First Manassas, depending on which side of the Mason Dixon line you’re on,  that General McClellan surveyed the defenses of Washington and decided that additional fortifications were needed.  Even though the Arlington Line – a series of fortifications and batteries located on western side of Washington, DC – were in place, the defeat that the Union troops took got the Union leadership into action.

The result was in some cases a fort was placed as a secondary line of defense – one was Fort Whipple, named for the General who had commanded the defenses of Washington from the Custis-Lee Mansion.   His desire to get into the fighting took him to Fredericksburg and later Chancellorsville where he was shot by a sharpshooter while sitting on his horse in May of 1863.

Assessments made from the extensive plans for this fort that overlooked the valley where Washington DC lay, was this was the ideal fort and set the model for ones that would follow.  In the book, “Images of America – Fort Myer” the plans for this fortification and other related information is presented as the first 100 years of  history of this fort, later named Fort Myer, in honor of the US Army’s first Signal Officer – General Albert J. Myer, is told.


Fort Cass Virginia

After the fall of Fort Sumter, South Carolina to the Confederates,  it was decided that the Nation’s Capital  was in need of defenses.  Among the first fortifications were built were the ones

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Clang clang clang went the trolley

horsecar - trolley

horsecar trolley

Before the horseless carriage began its domination and surrendered horse travel to more recreational rather than neccessity,  many cities across the United States had an ever growing network of trolleys. 

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The Custis-Lee Estate

The Custis-Lee Estate consisted of 1,100 acres of land which from the high ground, one has a panoramic view of the nation’s Capital.   That still is the Arlington House - Custis Lee Mansioncase when one stands in front of Arlington House, also known as the Custis-Lee Mansion or on what is currently  Whipple Field within present day Fort Myer it was the site of Fort Whipple.  According to sources, the high ground originally consisted of orchards.

Those 1,100 acres also contained some great flatland near the Potomac River where the Custis-Lee’s farmed growing crops for use within the estate and to sell in the neighboring City of Alexandria and markets within Washington DC.

The book “Images of America – Fort Myer” contains over 200 historic photographs that provide an insight to this outstanding US Army Post with orgins from the Custis-Lee estate built during the US Civil War and first known as Fort Whipple.

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Fort Myer – Virginia…

Major General Albert J. Myer

MG Albert J. Myer

When most people hear the name Fort Myer, they don’t think Virginia, but a place much further south in the United States.  

The other location is an attractive place for tourism and nearby beaches with palm trees on the Gulf of Mexico.   This other location WAS an US Army Fort built in 1850 as a military fort in response to Seminole Indians that were in conflict with the area’s few settlers.

So the confusion continues… perhaps once people begin reading the book “Images of America – Fort Myer” they’ll get a better understanding that Fort Myer is in Virginia   (first named Fort Whipple during the US Civil War) and is home to the US Army Band – “Pershing’s Own”, the US Army’s 3d Infantry Regiment – “The Old Guard”. The fort  is located right next to Arlington National Cemetery.  It was named after General Albert J. Myer, the US Army’s first Signal Officer, the inventor of the wig-wag signaling method  (the insignia of the US Army Signal Corps are a pair of crossed Wig-Wag Flags), who also started the National Weather Service.

Today, Fort Myer, Virginia with over a century of service to the United States of America is as an outstanding US Army Post, defending the Nation’s Capital – Washington, DC with origins during the US Civil War.   Many more events and people who were stationed there have had major influences on the United States and the world.

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Welcome to another historic milestone

Images of America - Fort MyerIn a few months, a new book will be published that will be a ground-breaking first and a historic milestone.   The historic US Army Post – Fort Myer will finally have a book that will herald some of the first one hundred years of its history in word and historic photographs.

The effort has been built on a foundation of a decade of walking among and working with some of the finest people – the US military.   With two years in research and writing, it will result in a tribute to those who have and are currently creating history on Fort Myer.  To all of them and all the others who are serving in the US military, I say: “Thank you for your service and keep on doing what you’re doing, ’cause if you’re not, we, the American people, can’t be doing what we do every day.”

The book is available for pre-order either directly from the author (an autographed copy) or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders.


Arlington Reads – Images of America – Fort Myer

John Michael LogoTitle: Arlington Reads – Images of America – Fort Myer Virginia
Location: Arlington Central Library – Arlington VA
Description: John Michael will discuss his new book about this unique US Army Post which has its origins in the US Civil War –

The book is from Arcadia Publishing and provides a comprehensive view in historical photographs from the 1860s to 1960s.

1015 N Quincy Street
Arlington Virginia
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-03-24

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