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The RIGHT Wright?

Those of you who have lived and walked and worked the acres of Fort Myer know  all the gates to this historic US Army Post … Hatfield, Henry, Memorial, Selfridge, Old Post Chapel and WRIGHT…

The Gates of Fort Myer…

The Wright Gate at Fort Myer

The Wright Gate at Fort Myer

For the longest time I’ve thought that the WRIGHT gate was named in honor of the Wright Brothers who brought aviation to the military when Orville showed up in 1908 for the first military aviation flights – that same time we lost LT Thomas Selfridge when the Wright Flyer fell from nearly 100 feet after a propeller shattered and caused the aeroplane to fall from the sky causing Orville Wright to get injured – broken ribs and broken leg, while LT Selfridge suffered a concussion and passed on a few hours later.


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