From ARMY Magazine,APRIL 2013 Copyright [year] by the Association of the U.S. Army.

ARMY Magazine Reviews the Book

From ARMY Magazine,APRIL 2013 Copyright [year] by the Association of the U.S. Army.
ARMY Magazine -
April 2013
    It came as a pleasant surprise.  In the April 2013 issue of ARMY Magazine, the premier publication of the Association of the US Army, there was  a review of  "Images of America - Fort Myer."
"Images of America: Fort Myer pays tribute to those who served there... the images reveal the changing history of a national landmark affected by world events, advancing technology and evolving demands."
A telephone call announced the news.  It was a surprise to hear the words that a review of the book  was in the April 2013 issue of this respected publication. It is truly an honor to have the book featured in this great magazine of the Association of the US Army.   The entire review is located on the AUSA website or on pages 76-77 in the magazine. With over 200 historical photographs, the book chronicles the first one hundred years of this Civil War era  fortification. Then it was known as Fort Whipple - one of the Defenses of Washington. Named for General Amiel Weeks Whipple. The book - the FIRST BOOK about Fort Myer -  also contains a previously unknown, handwritten note from Abraham Lincoln. It's published for the FIRST TIME on page 15 of "Images of America - Fort Myer." Purchase an author autographed copy at Buy the Book    <====  Images of America - Fort Myer
On Point Magazine - Summer 2012

On Point Magazine Reviews the Book

" ... Fort Myer includes over 200 timeless photographs. It is definitely worth a perusal."

-  BG Creighton W. Abrams, Jr USA (Ret.) in "ON POINT"  The Journal of Army History The Army Historical Foundation publishes an outstanding magazine - "ON POINT"   Each issue is packed with great articles and information about the history of the US Army.  The purpose of the foundation is to build the National Museum of the US Army which will be located outside of Washington, DC within the US Army's Fort Belvoir acreage off of Interstate 95. On Point Magazine - Summer 2012The Summer 2012 issue of "ON POINT"  contains a fine review of "Images of America - Fort Myer"  (the links will open in a new window) written by BG Creghton W. Abrams, Jr. USA (Ret.), the Executive Director of the Army Historical Foundation.   It is truly an honor to be selected to appear and have a rewiew of the book  in this noted magazine.  Thank you! And while you're here, please consider purchasing a copy of the book.  You can also get an autographed copy inscribed by the author.  The book contains over 200 historical photographs as mentioned in the review -  " ... Fort Myer includes over 200 timeless photographs. It is definitely worth a perusal."   You will also get a first time published note from Abraham Lincoln discovered  during the two plus years of research.   Also please consider joining the Army Historical Foundation and support the building of the National Museum of the United States Army
Arlington National Cemetery Sign

New Purchase Locations Announced

Arlington National Cemetery SignHeading for Arlington National Cemetery? or to the clothing store on Fort Myer? These are two of the new locations that will be carrying "Images of America - Fort Myer" or if you prefer to get your copy autographed or from online booksellers, you can purchase via the "Buy the Book" link above. The book, the first ever about Fort Myer, has been selected by Virginia Festival of the Book 2012 as a featured item.   On the 23rd of March it will be presented and discussed at this the  largest book festival on the east coast of the United States - held annually in Charlottesville, Virginia. Are you attending Virginia Festival of the Book? When are you planning to  visit Arlington National Cemetery?
Virginia Festival of the Book 2012

Virginia Festival of the Book

Virginia Festival of the Book 2012DATELINE - Charlottesville Virginia: "Images of America - Fort Myer" has been selected as one of the books to be featured at this annual March 2012 event. From a field of nearly 1,000 books submitted, it was selected. Author John Michael will be onsite to present and discuss his ground-breaking first book about this unique US Army Post with origins during the US Civil War as part of the Defenses of Washington, when it was named Fort Whipple Fort Whipple was built in JUNE 1863 on Arlington Heights, Virginia within the acreage that was the Custis-Lee estate.   It was in honor of General Amiel Weeks Whipple who was the commander of the Defenses of Washington's southern fortifications, who used Arlington House as his headquarters. The Post was later renamed Fort Myer to eliminate the confusion with the other Fort Whipple located in Arizona and to honor General Albert J. Myer, the US Army's first Signal Officer who located the US Army's Signal Corps School on the acres. Home to the US Army's two elite units: The US Army Band - "Pershing's Own" and "The Old Guard - 3d Infantry Regiment of the US Army,  Fort Myer continues to provide defense of Washington DC - the Capital of the United States of America. More information about the event and times and locations within Charlottesville is at Virginia Festival of the Book 2012

He Bought the Book

We were sent this message and here in his own words is the reaction to the book about Historic Fort Myer:
Recently I purchased a copy of John Michael's outstanding book, "Images of America: Fort Myer", where he is recounting the history of Fort Myer, Virginia, a military outpost, if you will, that is bathed in American Military history. His work is truly a mini-museum laid out before you on 127 pages, that are filled with photographs, and I mean priceless photographs, and reinforced with factual information relating to the chronological events that not only shaped America, but its Army. I couldn't begin to share with you all that I read and saw within the pages of the magnificent book, because I don't think I could do it it justice. John Michael has truly poured his heart into his prose, and I personally believe that if you are either a history buff, or a Soldier who has once served on this Post of Generals, this book needs to be in your library, with many a "dog eared" page.
Bernie Bernwall (Wilson) Author of "What Wouldn't Jesus Do?" And, And, veteran of The Old Guard of the US Army, 3d Infantry Regiment" Get a copy of Bernie's book from Amazon:
Abraham Lincoln

A note worthy find – Lincoln writings

Abraham LincolnWriting a book is a challenging project … finding information about the topic is also challenging … finding something to make it special is a key factor, but when you find something that’s rare and undiscovered, it makes the book outstanding! Little did I know when I began the research for my book about Fort Myer, Virginia that I would discover a rare find - a note from Abraham Lincoln, which may have been tucked away since General Joseph G. Totten read it some nearly 150 years ago … or where and how I found it! The first book about this historic US Army Post with origins during the US Civil War when it was known as Fort Whipple, “Images of America - Fort Myer” was published in June 2011 and on page 15 is Lincoln’s note that I found in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. Words couldn’t express my amazement when I discovered it or where and how I discovered it! My research at the Archives was confined to the floor dedicated to still photographs.  Yet as I meticulously explored the contents of every box I requested, sandwiched between two photographs was a sheet protector containing what I first thought was a blank piece of paper … until I turned it over.  At the top it read:

Executive Mansion - Washington

The date
May 13, 1863
As I continued to read, the note (which was re-written on the 14th) appointed William Whipple, older son of General Amiel Weeks Whipple to West Point.  Recognizing the relationship, it quickly went onto the scanner to be included in the book.  I didn’t realize until much later how rare a find it was since no one really knew about the note or even its existence! General Whipple was the commander of the Defenses of Washington - they were comprised of 70 forts which ultimately surrounded Washington DC during the US Civil War.  He used Arlington House as his headquarters.  According to other accounts located during the research of the book, President Lincoln would drive over to have lunch with General Whipple and afterward wrap his arms around Whipple’s two sons as he got the briefing.  This note combined with the research established that Lincoln did visit Arlington House during the Civil War and a friendship developed between him and General Whipple. What I found at the National Archives made the book “Images of America - Fort Myer” outstanding.  Get your own autographed copy of the book now! By John Michael
The book - "Images of America - Fort Myer" is HERE!

It’s here…

The book - "Images of America - Fort Myer" is HERE! After months of anticipation, the book "Images of America - Fort Myer" is in the market.   Thank all of you who pre-ordered the AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book.   Your author autographed book ships TODAY! NOTE: You can still get an author autographed copy of the book... and it'll ship immediately!  Just go to  "BUY THE BOOK"  and click on the link.
Printing Press

Printed in America

Printing PressIt's an honor to have researched, collected information and wrote about a gem in the crown of the US military - Fort Myer.  The contributions over the decades of service to the United States is remarkable and that service continues. It's also special that the first commercially available work about this historic US Army Post with origins during the US Civil War (then known as Fort Whipple) be published by a company located in the United States of America near the site of the first major outbreak of the war -  Fort Sumter, South Carolina in Charleston Harbor. The books which Arcadia Publishing presents are printed in America.  John Michael is also proud to be part of their family and that they are the one who has the distinction of continuing his hallmark of another ground-breaking milestone in military history.

"Preerving the memories so others will remember..." ™

An autographed copy of  the work is available with a personalized inscription. The book  "Images of America - Fort Myer" with its over 200 historical photographs presents for the first time the first 100 years of people, events, and more - a recently discovered note from Abraham Lincoln to General Joseph Gilbert Totten, which has never been published.