MOH Recipient – MG Guy Vernor Henry Sr

On Fort Myer, one of the gates to the Post is named after this Medal of Honor Recipient.   He earned the MOH for actions at Cold Harbor in 1864
MG Guy Vernor Henry, Sr.
MG Guy Vernor Henry, Sr.
during the US Civil War.   Though his accomplishments wouldn't stop there.  He would go onto serve in the Spanish American War, the Governor of Puerto Rico.  It would be while he was commander of Fort Myer from 1891 to 1894 that a troop of the 9th Cavalry - the Buffalo Soldiers - would also be posted to Fort Myer. His son, Guy Vernor Henry, Jr., also a graduate of West Point, class of 1898 and quite the equestrian (he competed in the 1912 Olympics and won a bronze medal), would also later command Fort Myer from 1927 to 1930.

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