Rodney the horse


Rodney the horseIn the 21 January 1933 issue of the Saturday Evening Post appeared a short story written by Leonard Hastings Nason entitled "Rodney"  a retired horse from the Spanish American War that would spend the last of his days on Fort Myer in the care of the Soldier who took him into battle. Nason, who would later retire as a Colonel in the US Army, had written the WW I book "Three Lights From a Match,"  Better fortune would come of his story about a Soldier and the love he had for his horse, when the film crew came to Fort Myer later that year and filmed "Keep 'Em Rolling."  Walter Huston was the lead actor and it also included the men of the 16th Field Artillery, who along with the 3d Cavalry were stationed at Fort Myer.   The movie, unknown to most is the first full length picture show filmed on the Historic US Army Post.   Featured in the movie was  "The Caisson Song"  originally written by field artillery First Lieutenant [later Brigadier General] Edmund L. Gruber, while stationed in the Philippines in 1908.  The music would be later joined by different lyrics and become "The Army Song."  


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