Buffalo Soldiers are Welcomed – Twice!

9th US Cavalry Bugler - Buffalo Soldiers
9th US Cavalry Bugler - Buffalo Soldiers
After the Civil War, the US Congress passed legislation which established several regiments of black Soldiers to reorganize the US Army. The first units which were established originally consisted of six regiments - four infantry - the 38th and 41st and the  39th and 40th which were ultimately consolidated and re-designated as the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments respectively.  The reorganization also provided for two Cavalry Regiments  - the 9th and 10th Cavalry.  When spoken about today, the Cavalry Regiments are always highlighted as "The Buffalo Soldiers." It would be the 1890s before Fort Myer saw its first Buffalo Soldiers.  General Guy Vernor Henry, a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient would bring a squadron of the 9th Cavalry to Fort Myer in 1891.   The troopers would stay on post until 1894 and then rotate out to their next duty assignment. It would be 1930 before the Buffalo Soldiers would once again return to FortGeneral John J "Blackjack" Pershing inspects the 10th Cavalry Myer.  This time it would be the Machine Gun Troop of the 10th Cavalry - Squadron K that would be stationed on Post until 1949.    Troopers in this squadron would also be tasked to participate in many ceremonial duties including parades. The stables, where the horses of these Troopers were kept, are still standing on Fort Myer and located on what was then called "Lower Post" - they no longer contain any horses, but are a reminder of the contributions of these men who helped settle the West during the Indian Wars and extended the United States to the western shores. You can read more about the Buffalo Soldiers and Fort Myer in the book  "Images of America - Fort Myer" - an autographed copy is available.  

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