The Dawn of Military Aviation

Orville Wright and passenger on Fort Myer drill field
Orville Wright and passenger on Fort Myer drill field
Dayton, Ohio - Kitty Hawk, North Carolina were two places where the Wright Brothers - Orville and Wilbur tested their Wright Flyer in the early 1900s.  Yet it was in September 1908 that Orville in response to the US Army's request for a "heavier than air" flying machine brought his invention to Arlington Heights. And the drill field of Fort Myer is the location where military aviation began. The drill field is long gone, replaced by buildings and parking lots, but the tests in 1908 were so successful that the Army requested that the Wrights return in 1909 for further testing and acceptance.   This was despite the crash from nearly 100 feet that ultimately marked the first military aviation fatality when LT Thomas Selfridge experienced a concussion during the crash and passed hours later. In the book "Images of America - Fort Myer"  there are several historical photographs of the Wright Flyer and these events. This is among  over 200 photographs found in the book.

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